Doña Zoila Bread: From Guatemala With Love

Throughout human history, bread has always been considered a staple food linked to different cultures around the world.

Each culture developing their own bread-making processes and adding new and different local elements that made each piece of bread different across regions. A great example of this lies in Central America and Guatemala, where bakeries are abundant and very different from each other depending on the region they operate.

Today, modern transportation and shipping technologies allow everyone to enjoy Guatemala’s diverse bakery even in the most remote places of the country.

Beginning this summer, Productos Congelados Doña Zoila (Doña Zoila Frozen Products) will make it easier for everyone to enjoy freshly baked Guatemalan bread.

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Pretty soon, Guatemalans and their Hispanics counterparts, living in the main cities of the United States will be able to buy their favorite, traditional bread such as Pan Francés, Torta de Queso, El Pan Dulce (de Manteca), Pan de Agua y el Pan Sheca Relleno de Chilacayote.

Doña Zoila bread products need just a few minutes in the oven to turn into the same freshly baked products Guatemalans enjoy in their country.

Deka Trading will be in charge of importing and distributing Doña Zoila’s bread in the United States. They will also set up plans for a near future expansion of the products offered by Doña Zoila. Products such as “tamales de elote” are some of the products in sight.