Cardenas Markets: Why Shop At This Hispanic Supermarket?

Quench your appetite for Latino food, ingredients, and more at Cardenas Markets!

Latin cuisine is one of the richest and most diverse, but traditional supermarkets don’t sell the typical ingredients to make those dishes that remind you of home.

Enters Cardenas Supermarkets! Whether you are looking for fresh meats or carne asada simply walk into a Cardena’s. They offer traditional flavors, fruits, vegetables, and several other products from different countries.

Let’s learn why Cardenas Markets is the place to shop if you want to find some of the boldest international flavors and inspirational meal ideas.

What is Cardenas Markets?

Cardenas Markets is one of the favorites Supermarkets of Latinos!

Cardenas was founded in 1981 when Jesús Cárdenas, a farmworker from Jalisco, and his wife Luz opened their first grocery store in Ontario, California. It specializes in Latin American cuisine. Today, the company operates 49 Cardenas stores and seven Los Altos Ranch Markets stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Cardenas is the space for all kinds of imported food.!

What do Cardenas Markets sell?

Cardenas Supermarkets has one of the widest variety of flavors, specialties, and quality products from Latin America.

Cardenas Markets Products

At Cardenas Markets, you will find all kinds of authentic groceries from the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and other countries in the world.

When you are in the mood for some traditional tortillas, step in and choose from a wide range of variety that will impress you. If you are too busy to cook or need some food on the go, simply walk into their kitchen department and pick up some comfort food & everyday favorites.

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Cardenas Markets Departments

Cardenas Markets have different departments, to satisfy the most varied tastes, such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Meat
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pastry/Juice Bar
  • Grocery
  • Tortilleria
  • Bakery
  • Cremeria/Salchichoneria

Why buy at Cardenas Markets?

Cardenas is the store where fresh, quality, and wholesome foods are what you get, around the year. It’s a place similar to home, where every meal is tied to tradition, love, and family.

Here are some reasons you might consider this grocery retailer:

  • If you want to find traditional dishes such as Mexican stew (birria), fried pork (carnitas), tacos, burritos, tortas, beef, and chicken soup
  • If you need molcajete red and green salsas, tatemada, or red salsa ranchera
  • If you enjoy getting daily fresh cuts of meat including pork, beef, and chicken meat cuts
  • If you like fresh produce from USA, Mexico, Central, and South America and other different countries
  • If you want to find extensive and authentic products from the USA, Mexico, Central, and South America and other countries.
  • If you love white and yellow tortillas, cactus (nopal), and purple corn tortillas
  • And more!

They have groceries from all over the world, the best cuts of meat and there are always promotions and discounts.

customer service

For Cardenas, every one of their customers is a part of the Cardenas family and they are 100% committed to making your shopping experience enjoyable and unique.

Cardenas Markets Weekly Ads

You can shop Cardenas Market’s weekly sales and deals through their Weekly Specials  Ads. You can view them on their website to find the best deals for your next grocery shopping trip.

Be sure to visit their website, you will surely find an offer tailored to your needs …

Cardena’s Markets Hours

Most Cardenas Markets supermarkets are open from 8 am in the morning until 5:30 pm in the afternoon. Hours of operations may vary depending on location.

Cardena’s Markets Locations

In total, there are 27 Cardenas Markets branches, much of which are located in California. You can find the one closest to your home here.

Here is a brief list of their Cardenas Markets Store locations:

  • Cardenas Market Las Vegas
  • Cardenas Market Ontario California
  • Cardenas market Concord 
  • Cardenas Market San Jose
  • Cardenas Market Modesto
  • Cardenas Market Hayward
  • Cardenas Market Pomona
  • Cardenas Market Fontana
  • Cardenas Market Vallejo

Cardena’s Markets near me

If you can not find a Cardenas Markets near you, remember that you can do it very simply, just type in google: “Cardenas Markets near me” and voila, you will be one step away from the freshest food and the best prices …

Learn more about Cardenas Markets here.