Bauli: Italian Excellence and the Hispanic Market

For 90 years, Bauli has been dedicated to the development of authentic Italian pastries. Thanks to the superior quality of its products, the company’s name is commonly associated with moments of sweetness, celebration, joy and tradition.

This family business is considered one of the most recognized in the industry. With sales in more than 70 countries on five continents, Bauli maintains the same dedication to excellence that brought the company world-wide recognition.

Bauli: Quality and Tradition

In an interview with Abasto, Luca Nava spoke about the growth of the company, its importance in the market and Bauli’s plans. The company’s product lines include a wide range of pastries such as Panettone, Pandoro, cakes, croissants and biscuits, among others.

ABASTO: What were the main challenges to enter the US market?
LUCA NAVA: One of the main challenges was to educate consumers about the uniqueness of the cooking process of Panettone and Pandoro, since cooking technology is different for all the raw materials available in the market. Thanks to the combination of Bauli’s ingredients and the fermentation process, the company can create a product with a long shelf life (over 6 months) without adding preservatives and still maintain the freshness of the products.

Like many products in the baking category, it’s always important to respond to consumer trends and be in constant evolution, remaining faithful to the aesthetics of the brand.

ABASTO: What distinguishes Bauli from the competition?
LUCA NAVA: Respect for tradition and old recipes has always been our focus. It’s what sets us apart from other brands. Bauli’s creations follow AIDEPI (Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industry) production patterns, which require the use of quality ingredients in amounts set by Italian law.

In accordance with Bauli’s mission, the desire for excellence, the company strives to stand out in overall quality — through its values as well as its daily activities.

ABASTO: What states have distribution?
LUCA NAVA: In the US, Bauli’s products are available nationwide at stores like Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco, Fairway and other independent distributors.

Bauli and the Hispanic Market

ABASTO: Do you have products for the Hispanic market?
LUCA NAVA: Although the Panettone is a traditional Italian cake, South America is currently the world’s largest market. Our products are translated into the Latino culture and have been adopted by the Hispanic market. In South America, especially in Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile, the Panettone is a staple at Christmas. And in some places, it replaces the Rosca de Reyes that is traditionally consumed during the Celebration of the Magi on January 6.

ABASTO: What will be the next releases?
LUCA NAVA: Due to the popularity of Pandoro and Panettone, Bauli recently released the MINI versions of these products.

ABASTO: What are the future plans of the company?
LUCA NAVA: Bauli’s key to success has always been the ability to create homemade recipes that go hand in hand with the best technology. Bauli remains committed to its roots and traditions, maintaining the quality of its existing and potential products in the future. With the same dedication to excellence that began over 90 years ago, Bauli continues to bring back the old tradition of Italian confectionery, taking it to even greater heights.