10 Tips for Buying Cheap Flights in 2024

Are you itching to travel? Don’t let the high prices of plane tickets discourage you. There are various options for buying cheap flights.

We know that airfare is often the most expensive part of the journey. But even without being a millionaire, you can afford to see the world.

For example, find more affordable destinations or cut expenses during vacations to keep your budget under control.

Believe it or not, making your dream of visiting abroad or traveling by plane within your own country a reality is possible even with little money.

Just set yourself the task of planning your trip step by step and looking for alternative cheap flights to treat yourself.

If this idea appeals to you, consider the following tips for getting reasonable airfares. Take a look.

1.Choose Weekday Flight

Did you know that the best days to get flight deals are non-holidays? That’s because fewer people travel during weekdays.

Therefore, if you choose to fly during the week, you save money on the airfare. Especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays. How about that?

Generally, Saturdays and Sundays are more expensive because passenger demand is higher. And, as a result, prices go up.

Also, avoid traveling during holidays, non-working holidays, or peak seasons, as they are more expensive.

Additionally, there are longer lines at the airport, both to purchase the plane ticket and to board the aircraft.

If you anticipate these things, it’s easier to handle all the arrangements and achieve your goal of traveling with peace of mind and security.

2. Consider Departure Time

Another way to buy cheap flights is to travel early. For example, at 6 am, as this departure time is less popular.

You might not like getting up early, but if you leave in the early hours of the morning, you have the opportunity to get better prices.

Are you worried about getting to the airport? No problem we can’t solve. And this is really simple.

Make sure to plan your transportation in advance. Whether it’s a taxi, public transportation, or asking a friend or family member to drive you.

If you’re planning your itinerary, look for flights that depart earlier so you don’t miss out on discounts.

3. Check Airline Websites and Other Portals

Most airlines have websites that make it easy to search for the cheapest flight dates.

With just a glance at the booking system calendar, you can discover which days are cheap to fly on a particular airline.

In addition to showing prices, it allows you to scan those that change during the week you’re interested in.

There are also independent portals that help you find the best possible fares for your budget.

Use these platforms to research and compare flights, as the results vary. They’re very useful for travelers.

4. Book Your Ticket in Advance

The premise that last-minute deals are better isn’t quite true. At least, when it comes to plane tickets.

Buying them close to the flight date rarely results in a cheaper fare. It’s advisable to do it well in advance.

Why? When they first go on sale, their cost is usually lower and remains approximately the same for a year before the trip.

This can be very helpful when planning to travel during school holidays or to visit a popular destination.

Therefore, it’s advisable to check online if tickets are available for the desired destination and date, in order to buy them in advance.

This way, you don’t risk the price going up at the last minute, or the tickets selling out and leaving you without one.

5. Pay with a Credit Card

There are many benefits to paying for your trips with non-cash money, so you should consider this option for buying cheap flights.

By paying with your credit card, you avoid having to pay the full amount all at once. This helps you cover other expenses.

Additionally, you have the necessary protection for making large purchases. Because you’re entitled to a refund if the airline goes out of business.

This may not be the case with a debit card, so check first if it provides this type of coverage when used.

Another advantage of paying with a credit card is that it offers better exchange rates and greater convenience for making purchases abroad.

It also allows you to accumulate air miles for every expenditure, which you can use to save on your next plane tickets.

6.Book Flights with Layovers

Many people prefer direct flights over layovers because they reach their destination more quickly.

However, even though you save time by not having to change planes to continue your journey, direct flights are generally more expensive.

Therefore, a good way to save money is to book a flight with a layover at an intermediate stop along the route.

We recommend exploring the available alternatives on the travel company or airline’s website, by deactivating the “direct flight” option.

There might be a certain risk involved in using this method to get tickets at a lower cost. If the first flight is delayed, you could miss the connecting one.

7. Take Advantage of Vacation Packages

The combined plans offered by most agencies and airlines during vacation times offer multiple advantages.

Among them is the possibility of buying cheap flights and getting accommodation at a reduced cost. Even in first-class hotels.

This is thanks to reserving a large number of plane tickets, which allows for significant discounts.

In some cases, it’s possible to book the entire vacation for less than the normal price, which is fabulous for your budget.

In addition to the flight and accommodation, these packages include ground transportation upon arrival at the final destination, meals, and many other services.

All for a single price, so you don’t have to worry about almost anything, just enjoy the planned moment and itinerary.

8. Ensure the Fare Has No Hidden Cost

When buying cheap flights, it’s important to check for undisclosed or hidden additional charges.

For example, baggage fees, seat selection, printing the boarding pass, or services you may not need.

Some airlines charge for everything. They even automatically add travel insurance without asking if you want it. That’s not fair.

These hidden costs are a nightmare, as they affect your expense estimate and you end up paying more than expected.

Therefore, it’s necessary to avoid them so that they don’t take advantage of you. How? By paying attention to the conditions before traveling.

If you notice any service you’re not interested in, discard it immediately so you won’t be charged for it. For example, flight delay insurance.

9. Use Your Reward Miles

You can obtain various benefits by using the points you’ve accumulated on your credit card on your previous trips.

Combined with miles from associated airlines, they offer you a variety of flight reward options.

One of them is redeeming them for more expensive tickets that you wouldn’t otherwise afford. Or getting a better seat in the cabin.

Make the exchange through the travel website portal or transfer to the loyalty programs of the operator.

This way, you can replenish or complete your balance and book flights directly with the airline.

10. Conduct Your Search in Incognito Mode

When trying to buy cheap flights, try to go unnoticed while reviewing the available options on the web.

Ticket prices vary according to demand. Airlines use data from people who enter the search engine to calculate costs.

This is how they discover your interest in certain flights and do everything possible to get you to buy them, in order to make a profit.

For this reason, experts in the field advise using an incognito browser and clearing all cache so they don’t see your history.

Cookies allow them to know what you’re searching for on websites. With that information, many companies create offers that aren’t what they seem.

That is, they manipulate prices to create a sense of urgency, which isn’t good for your saving purposes.

In summary, it’s possible to find cheap flights in 2024, although some methods involve certain risks.

The smartest thing to do is to select weekday flights, consider the departure time, and check websites to find the best ones.

It’s also advisable to book in advance, pay with a credit card, prefer flights with layovers and vacation packages.

Don’t forget to check if tickets have hidden costs, use your reward miles to access better options, and search in incognito mode.

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