De Mi País Introduces its New Line of Gembos Snacks

With the great experience of 22 years in the Hispanic market of nostalgic products, De Mi País started 2024 with a new stage of growth aimed at conquering the mass market.

The protagonist in this expansion plan is the Gembos snack line. Relying on the quality of its products, De Mi País seeks to captivate the new generations of US consumers by offering them intense and innovative flavors.

In addition, the Miami-based company decided to simplify its name and use only its initials DMP to identify itself as part of its strategy to grow in the mass market and facilitate brand recognition among non-Hispanic consumers and customers.

To implement its new growth strategy into the mainstream market, DMP focused on improving what it already had. It focused on Gembos snacks, a brand of bananas in various flavors: natural, spicy, sweet, and chicharrón.

This is how the Gembos family began to grow. In the corn tortilla snacks category, they launched Nachys with intense flavors that appeal to new generations of consumers.

Among the slightly thicker cornflakes snacks, they made a difference by launching Frijochips, with creamy or spicy bean flavor.

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Within the puffed snack category like Cheetos, Gembos Cheesechurros, with their cheese and spicy flavors, recently made their debut and, since March, have been distributed nationwide, thanks to DMP’s extensive chain of distributors around the US.

While the company develops its new expansion strategy in the United States and maintains a presence in 12 countries, DMP sees Europe as another ideal market to conquer with its nostalgic products, repeating the formula it used in this country.

The demand for Latin American products is increasing in the Old Continent due to the continuous migration to several European countries by Hispanics, specifically Hondurans, Salvadorans, Colombians, and Venezuelans.

De Mi País is already in Spain, Italy, England, and France, where they are entering with force, applying all the experiences on the market of nostalgic products. In this way, they are bringing the delicious flavors of De Mi País to the tables of European homes.