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Enjoy The Most Cool Posadas!


Arm your piñata in a Cool way!, with the pinatero assortment “Pa’quetendulces” (5Lb) and “Mini Pa’quetendulces” (1.1kg) perfect for posadas. Give it a spicy touch with Great Chamoy Fireballs and dare to taste the delicious, spicy, pulpy Picosita. Start the party with Cool Toons! MAZUMA TRADING • WWW.MAZUMATRADING.COM • 777.847.4333 …

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Favorite Candies Will Cost More in 2019


The increasing cost in some ingredients and in cargo transportation is forcing the most recognized candies and chocolate manufacturers in the United States to raise the prices of their products in 2019. Mondelez, makers of Oreo cookies and Hershey Co., announced they will increase the price of their products and …

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Ferrero USA Expands Facility and Offers Jobs

Ferrero USA

Ferrero USA announced the expansion of its industrial facility located in Franklin Township, Somerset, N.J. The Italian-owned global confectionery company, known for its popular brands such as Nutella, Tic Tac and Kinder Joy, will undergo a $9 million expansion, bringing the facility to 67,000 square feet of packaging and warehousing …

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Halloween, A Major Holiday for Candy Sales


What is Halloween without candy? Handfuls of chocolate bars and lollipops during trick or treating, at school events or simply handed around the office, are symbolic for the popular holiday. Every year, thousands of Americans consume and spend money on candy for Halloween. According to a report by the Halloween …

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The Confectionery Industry, a Sweet Place for Jobs

Confectionery industry jobs

The confectionery industry helps to create more than 600,000 American jobs, according to a new report released by the National Confectioners Association. Manufacturers of chocolate, candy, gum and mints directly employ nearly 54,000 people across the United States, with more than 550,000 jobs supported in related industries, including agriculture, retail, …

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Cool Toons Candies

Cool Toons Halloween

Celebrate Day of the Dead skulls. Dress up with all the flavor of the Mix-teriosos. Have fun with Neon Puerquitos. Turn on the Heart with the Corazón Neón candy stick and have a very cool party with the Laser candy stick. Three flavors accompanied by luminous sticks. Mazuma Trading | …

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