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Taco Bell

Taco Bell Will Create 50,000 New Jobs by the End of The Summer

Taco Bell, the fast-food Mexican chain, said that it will fill 50,000 jobs by the end of the summer, just in May they plan to create 3,500 new jobs.

The hiring spree is part of a previously-announced plan to create about 100,000 U.S. jobs over the next five years through an additional 8,000 U.S. locations.

“Last year we announced our commitment to hire 100,000 new team members in our system by 2022,” said Brian Niccol, Chief Executive Officer at Taco Bell. “We are now taking that commitment to the next level with recruiting and employment programs to help us and our franchisees invest in our employees, and their experience, in significant ways.”

The company is looking to make this process even better for current and potential employees through its newly launched partnership with Roadtrip Nation, a program that captures stories of current and former employees through the online platform, Share Your Road.

The platform aims to foster networks and communities and empower team members by hearing about the lessons learned and career paths of others.

Taco Bell recognize their young employees

They also announced the debut of Taco Bell’s first ever 30 under 30 list. It aims to inspire and educate current and potential young team members about the opportunities available to them at the fast-food Mexican chain.

Together, this industry-first partnership and round-up of top talent highlights the career paths within the company, making it easier for current and future employees to match their job needs and goals with Taco Bell’s varied career opportunities.

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“Taco Bell and our franchisees are committed to building workplaces where team members want to work and grow. That starts by showcasing the diverse pathways in the Taco Bell system and celebrating employees’ achievements, which we’re doing by shining a spotlight on some of Taco Bell’s most impressive young talent,” said Frank Tucker, Chief People Officer at Taco Bell.

The fast-food restaurant has grown from a $7 billion business to a $10 billion business over the last five years, according to Niccol. He hopes to reach $15 billion in global system sales by 2022 with the addition of 8,000 new locations.

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