10 Mexican Stores in The United States That You Must Visit

Do you need to know about Mexican stores in the United States? Mexican dishes can be hard to forget.

Fortunately, multiple options exist to fill your pantry with products with Mexican labels.

This way, enjoying the most authentic food from this country will no longer be a challenge.

Below, we present 10 Mexican stores in the United States, so read on.

1. El Super

It was founded in 1977 in Los Angeles, California. It became popular thanks to its low prices.

Today, it is a huge supermarket chain with 38 stores in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Its wide variety of food also wins over consumers. They sell fresh proteins, Mexican and international products, and sweet breads.

In addition, El Super now has a pharmacy, financial center, and money transfer services.

2. Cardenas Markets

Are you craving tacos and enchiladas? Here, you can get thrilling suggestions. Also, you will have Mexican pastries, cheeses, and creams at your disposal, a delight!

This regional supermarket chain was established in 1977 in Southern California. It offers fresh produce and grocery items like salsas, tortillas, and beans.

And that’s not all! It manages several restaurants, cafeterias, and bakeries. It also offers bilingual customer service, accepts food stamps, and promotes community involvement.

3. Northgate Gonzalez Market

In 1980, brothers Fernando and Oscar Gonzales created this supermarket chain, headquartered in Anaheim, California.

Today, however, it has Mexican stores throughout the southern part of the state and has attracted thousands of customers for its unbeatable Hispanic food catalog.

It has a couple of major awards. FORTUNE and Supermarket News named it one of the best Hispanic companies in the United States.

And they didn’t stop with just the grocery store; they have a chain of bakeries, Northgate Bakery, and an agricultural wholesaler, Northgate Produce.

4. Vallarta Supermarkets

It started as a simple neighborhood business in 1985. Today, it is a regional supermarket chain with 50 locations in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

There, you will find Mexican and Hispanic foods, general grocery items, and a menu of prepared foods, such as tamales and tortas.

The company is known for its weekly specials and low prices.

5. La Michoacana Meat Market

It was founded in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1984. However, it currently has 130 stores in the United States.

In this way, the Hispanic community can enjoy its variety of produce, meats, and groceries.

It has a deli counter. We are sure that you will at least want to eat some of their sandwiches, salads, and soups.

They also have a loyalty program through which customers earn points for free items. You can find out more details on their website.

6. Superior Grocers

Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, it opened in 1981.

As a regional grocery chain, they sell Mexican produce, meats, and other types of food.

In 2022, Superior Grocers expanded the business with 47 more stores. All of them operate 24 hours a day, all week long.

It also has a distribution center and fleet of delivery trucks.

7. Sedano’s Supermarkets

Although their first location opened in 1962 in Hialeah, Florida, they have 30 more stores in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward.

It offers Hispanic products at low prices. Yes, strategically, they also added traditional American groceries to their shelves.

Sedano’s recently expanded its service, including several pharmacies in its facilities to bolster profits.

8. Bravo Supermarkets

Among all the Mexican grocery stores, do you know which is the largest in the United States? That’s the one. Since 1986, they have more than 200 locations.

The first location is in Los Angeles, California, while the others are scattered across Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

They have a spectacular variety of meats, seafood, fresh produce, and prepared foods.

Of course, they also offer other Mexican items: clothing, jewelry, and home décor items.

Want some good news? Buy whatever you want at Bravo Supermarkets online, wherever you are. A loyalty program rewards your loyalty.

9. Fresco y Más

In 2016, Southeastern Grocers created this supermarket chain in Florida. It is one of the newest and largest Mexican stores in its category.

This has brought them robust profits. So much so that by 2018, they already had nine locations between Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade.

You will find Mexican and Hispanic products in them, such as fresh food, produce, and groceries. Also, it has a cafeteria and taqueria to enjoy delicious gastronomic proposals.

10. El Rancho

Are you looking for competitive prices? At El Rancho, you may find attractive proposals for all products.

Since 1988, the number of stores in the United States has increased. Today, they have as many as 27 in Texas.

Each one guarantees quality products, both Mexican and Hispanic. In this sense, it has become a center of information about the culture and cuisine of these regions.

What is the best thing about this list of supermarket chains? Using your cell phone, you will get the exact address so that, when you decide, you can get there without any unforeseen circumstances.

How? Use an online search. Most of the supermarkets have a website. If you have a hard time, ask the locals. These Mexican stores have millions of customers.