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Bring Your Unique Value To The Market

We all have a gift within us and it is our responsibility to share it with the universe. When we can unearth and share our gift, we can achieve the highest expression of our person. When this is not the case the fire within us is extinguished. There is no one in the world like you. You are a unique being with something wonderful to offer the world. You have an experience, a personality, beliefs, skills, and a spirit that no one else has. You also have a mission even if you haven’t identified yet. You have a purpose that your soul wants to accomplish in this life. The mission is what pulls at your heart and whose presence you feel in your tummy. It’s like a quiet force that is trying to guide you towards what will make you truly happy and what you will do. Sometimes we recognize our mission and we accept it, and sometimes not. If you acknowledge and accept your mission as all the Latinos and Latinas who I’ve interviewed, you’ll find your success. If you cannot find or bury them, you extinguish the fire inside you, leaving a deep hole within your soul.

The Difficult Side to Being Unique

It is difficult to find and embrace what makes us unique. It is difficult because the society we have been trained to be and think like everyone else. From childhood we are taught that if we are different to other children we will be left alone in the school. When we grow up, we learn that if we are to succeed we need to adapt to unwritten rules of society that inhibit our individuality: don’t be yourself and do not communicate what you actually feel because you’ll create problems. Don’t think different and do not challenge the status quo. Don’t be too original because you will not be accepted, etc…. What this indoctrination creates is the so-called “group thinking” in which people stop thinking for themselves for fear that if they are different does not go forward. The media sell us the idea that to be successful you will need to buy more things, you need to look like the celebrities on TV, etc… and you are selling the idea that to be successful you have to be like others, which could not be further from the reality. With all these negative influences to be afraid and to follow others it is very difficult to find what makes you unique and even more difficult to accept. Think independently because you’re not going to live the life of someone else. If you live the life of someone else you will not find yourself and you will not be able to find what makes you unique. Resist the temptation to be like everyone else because it will make you mediocre. The market has a rule: reward the creation of value, the largest value that you can create in this world is the expression of what makes you unique when you pursue your mission. What makes you unique is composed of your skills, your experience, your passion and your personality. Combine passion and contribution. It is important that you find what makes you unique because it will take you to your goal and when you do it you will become the ultimate expression of yourself. To find what makes you unique, you must first find your own strengths.

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