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Autumn Arrives Bringing New Flavors to the Kitchen

The leaves are already changing color. With the leaves, the temperature starts to drop to crisper air, bringing along new flavors to the table. What characterizes autumn and winter for me are the aromas.

I’m one of those people that uses the phrase: “it smells like autumn,” or “it smells like Christmas,” when referring to these ingredients that adorn the market, the house and your dishes. Take a look at these four ingredients that make it “smell like autumn.”


Enjoy it fresh, but also put it on your plates, decorate the table, the dining room, the living room and even the entrance to your house if you want. This week, markets are already selling Christmas pine trees. It adorns the house and fills it with aroma.

If you cut some branches or buy a bouquet, you can decorate the table, each plate or each napkin with them to add a touch of autumn in a special dinner. Remember that rosemary goes well in stews, pastas, recipes with pork, turkey, lamb, beans, with pumpkin and even with vegetables. Mix well when mixed with thyme and sage.

Roasted Nuts

Put them in a pan with butter and honey to caramelize them. It would be great to serve them as snacks, while you decorate the house, receive the visit or enjoy the kitchen on a normal day with some seasonal music.

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On my house’s patio, my grandma always used to drink it in tea because for her, it was the best medicine. Its aroma is of full autumn. It’s used a lot in Italy and France and highlights a touch of pine and eucalyptus. Add it to a pasta or a stew, but it is delicate and can be lost in too much heat.


After oregano, it is the second most used in Mediterranean meals. The name comes from the Greek verb thym, which means perfume. Its origin is believed to be Egyptian. You can use it by itself, but in French meals, it is a part of the “Provencal herbs” (rosemary, oregano, marjoram and sage) which are used in many recipes.

Thyme is added to oil, liquors, dressings and even desserts. It is also associated with invigorating and healing powers. You never know what else you could use it for.

Bring the aroma of autumn to your house!

Doreen Colondres is a celebrity chef. Author of the book The Kitchen Does Not Bite. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @DoreenColondres and visit www.LaCocinaNoMuerde.com , www.TheKitchenDoesntBite.com

About Doreen Colondres

Doreen Colondres is a tireless world traveler with a fresh and charismatic vibe. Her mission is to convince us that cooking is a heritage and a tradition that is fun, relaxing, easy, romantic, but more importantly, healthy. Her background of family cooking values motivated her to create La Cocina No Muerde and The Kitchen Doesn’t Bite. Doreen’s first book was published by Random Penguin House (2015) achieving the #1 best seller regional and international and she is also the food and wine editor for more than 10 Hispanic publications. She frequently hosts cooking segments on “Despierta América” from Univision and hosted cooking shows on FoxLife/Utilísima, airing in 16 countries for 4 years. Since 2013 Doreen is also a Chef for Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical, a leader in diabetes care. Yearly, she hosted more than 30 live cooking shows around the US, to increase awareness about obesity and diabetes. In 2013 she became the first Hispanic Celebrity Chef for the Bordeaux Wine Council, the most prestigious wine region in the world. She studied in culinary schools in NY, CA, graduated in FL and also has a BBA in Business & Marketing.

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