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What Does Money Mean to You?

Every day and every moment we are bombarded by the media by different products and services that invite us to buy them to portray a lifestyle, a social status or to show us as leaders. What is needed for this? Simply money.

Money has turned into as much as a necessity as a luxury, but it is simply a tool. It will have a positive or negative meaning depending on how it is obtained, the purpose one wants it for and the use that one gives it.

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It’s the same as a scalpel, for example. By itself it holds no risk, but it depends on the hands behind it. The difference can be substantial, since in the hands of a surgeon it can help save lives, but in the hands of a criminal, it increases the odds of being used to cause serious damage.

Even socially, money is linked to an endless number of adjectives, both positive and negative, depending on the context, or particular situations.

For example, if a person looks for money (even without knowing its purpose), they can be branded as “ambitious,” being related to greed and even selfishness. However, if, for example, if it is a company that launches an “ambitious” project, then it is considered a risky, challenging and beneficial project.

The important thing is to see that money doesn’t have to be seen as something negative, so wanting it and even wanting to achieve financial freedom is not a bad thing. It does not have to cause shame or guilt.

However, we do want to make it clear that although it is very valid to look for alternatives to obtain income, we do not agree or support the forms that attempt against the legality, values and integrity of people, since the end does not justify the means. It is possible to achieve your goals without deceiving or stepping over other human beings.

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It is not just about wanting money to fill your pockets or your bank account, or feeling that you are better or more important. Remember that money will only enhance the skills, qualities and values that you already have as a human being.

Therefore, the first step is to educate yourself financially, expand your mind, fill it with knowledge so that you can break the mental blocks that limit you and have useful information at hand so you know how to manage and multiply your income.

We invite you to take a chance, to stop fearing money and remember that it is a means, not an end. So choose a challenging goal and give it the best use you can, both for yourself and for those around you.

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