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Top of Mind Branding: Tips for Leaving Your Mark

Top of Mind awareness is what every company should strive for. However, positioning your brand in the market is no easy task. Currently there are countless products and services available to consumers. And the investment it takes to create a brand for a product or service is getting higher every day.

 4 factors to take into account when positioning your brand

1. The cultural factor:

This factor describes how the consumer is influenced by his or her social status and educational level.

2. Environmental influence:

It includes family and interpersonal relationships.

3. The personal factor:

The personal factor has to do with one’s age, preferences and personality.

4. The psychological factor:

It involves emotions, values, motivation and attitudes.

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These four factors have a decisive impact on how we as consumers select a brand: culture, environment, personality and psychology. If companies take these factors into account as they strive to build a powerful brand, they can take brand positioning to another level.

The term positioning is defined by Al Ries and Jack Trout: “… positioning refers not to the product, but what is done with the mind of prospective consumers; that is, how the product is placed in their minds …”

What the mind takes in first is recorded and never erased. That is what positioning is all about. So when a company launches a new brand, it looks for a word, an expression, a promise — something that not only stands out from other brands, but does not yet exist in the minds of consumers.

Positioning a brand is a 4-stage process

Stage 1:

The brand exists at this stage but is unknown.

Stage 2:

Once the brand is mentioned to the consumer, the consumer may actually associate the brand with the product (Alpura, Scribe).

Stage 3:

At this stage people remember the brand itself, at the mere mention of the product that is linked to it (drink = Coca Cola, McDonalds = burger).

Stage 4:

At this stage the brand associated with a product category has already taken on the name of the product in the mind of consumer. The brand is the product. It is no longer just a registered trademark (Kleenex, Resistol, Vel Rosita).

3 terms to consider when building a brand:

1. Top of Mind brand:

Once a group of products with similar characteristics is mentioned, a particular brand immediately comes to mind.

The Top of Mind brand is the product that instantly springs up first in the minds of consumers. In addition, it has the feature of being the best positioned and has a greater chance of being bought.

Sp when you launch a new brand, look for a word, an expression, a promise. You need something that assures that the product will be in the forefront of the consumer’s mind, in addition to standing out from all the others.

2. Intent to buy:

This term refers specifically to knowing what actions a consumer will take regarding a purchase in the near future, ie, which brand to buy the next time the consumer goes shopping. Perhaps it is a different brand than the one that is currently bought. This usually happens when there have been problems with quality or service, or when promises have not been met.

Regarding perishable products, the intent to buy can keep changing as a result of advertising and promotional activities. This is especially the case for brands that encourage testing.

3. Brand loyalty:

Brand loyalty exists when a specific brand is one of the most common buying options considered by the consumer. Remember, today’s consumer is not just loyal to one brand, but to several.

This means that to satisfy a need, a consumer can decide between two or three brands. All have a good image, all are well positioned, but the consumer may consider equivalent substitutes and can therefore choose one or the other, almost always taking into account the drive or boost behind the product.

In other words, the individual asks on some level, “What does this brand have to offer me? That answer lies in people’s memories, in the television commercial they saw last night, in sampling the product or taking advantage of the promotion that is being offered during a particular week.

To obtain this kind of positioning and brand loyalty, it is necessary to analyze consumers’ habits and buying motives, their tastes and their preferences. Including this analysis in your advertising campaign can be the decisive factor in determining whether or not you achieve that ultimate Top of Mind awareness.

About Faustino Sánchez

Faustino is the creative and graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in branding and packaging design. He has created and directed design projects for large chains such as Wal-Mart and Gigante of Mexico, among others. Currently he is implementing creative strategies for leading companies in the Hispanic market in the United States.

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