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The Benefit of Christmas Marketing and Storytelling

Christmas is a special time of year that is full of gifts and joy. The spirit of these festivities goes in hand with many brands to the point that many have prepared very creative strategies to reach the hearts of their consumers directly through Christmas Marketing and storytelling.

An example is Santa Claus, which at first, Coca-Cola created for their Christmas ads.

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The character first appeared at the end of 1920 in an ad that Coca Cola had published in the Saturday Evening Post. Santa Claus was dressed in red, not only to bring gifts to children, but to identify the brand.

However, the good-natured character we know today was created by Haddon Sundblom in 1931. The illustrator relied on St. Nicholas, a warm and friendly character who quickly conquered the public and helped to set the definitive image of “The Santa Claus of Coca-Cola.” Sundblom drew it for 33 years.

In 2020, it will be 100 years since the first Santa Claus and since then, the brand has become an iconic symbol for Christmas festivities.

German supermarket Edeka designed a unique advertising campaign about the children of a lonely man returning home at Christmas time. The advertising piece is a segment of 30 seconds: “Christmas story – the return home.” It is about the importance of the real meaning of the Christmas season: spending time with our families and the people we love.

The announcement begins with the face of an elderly man who prepares to return to spend a Christmas alone, because he is accustomed to his children usually canceling their visits at the last moment. The video then shows his children receiving a message on the Internet informing them of the death of their father.

The sequence then shows the children arriving at the father’s house surprised when their father receives them, healthy and alive. Then the old man says to them: “How else could I have gathered you all?” The video closes with the logo of the supermarket and the phrase: “The delicious food that the family shares every year is distributed by the Edeka supermarket.” The segment obtained 33.5 million views on YouTube, just one week after its publication.

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Christmas Marketing Must be Original

The British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s issued a segment three years ago under the slogan: “Christmas is for sharing.” The announcement was based on a real event during the First World War between the British and Germans, which recreates the Christmas truce of 1914 to celebrate the holiday and exchange gifts such as cigarettes, sweets and chocolates. Christmas Marketing and storytelling go hand in hand, but if the story is inspired by a true fact, participation is assured.

Kellogg’s has been characterized by carrying out Christmas campaigns aimed at children. An example of this was the announcement that issued for the Christmas of 1991, which shows three children who decide to leave a bowls of cereal for Santa Claus, however, they fall asleep waiting for his arrival.

The youngest child, around 3 years old, wakes up to the sound of bells and can see Santa Claus eating the cereals. When she realizes it, he offers her Kellogg’s flakes so that she does not say anything and the girl accepts with a smile. When the children wake up they see the empty plates, surprised.

The segment finished with a look of mischief on the girl’s face and the phrase: “Kellogg’s, our best to you this Christmas.”

A good strategy for that season is not only to increase billing, it is also important to achieve consumer loyalty and to achieve this, it is necessary to research and have in-depth knowledge of the history that each company has built over time, the background and trips it has raffled to stay in the market.

Christmas Marketing, based on storytelling, in addition to impacting the emotions of the viewer, must be original and make a difference among other campaigns.

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