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Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing in Our Supermarkets

‘Shopper Marketing’ is a strategy that both merchants and manufacturers must employ together. In this article we explain how ‘Shopper Marketing can actually increase sales.

Same Goal, Different Priorities

Every manufacturer aims for a product that has the best and most striking presence in our stores. We, as the ones responsible for the premises, would also hope that the products which the manufacturers offer us would have better visibility and that they were readily accessible. However, despite our common objective, the criteria used by manufacturers and retailers to make these decisions seldom match.

For example, some chain stores take the chance of including showcases with manufacturer brands, with the certain risk of losing their own identity. There are others that opt for keeping their identity and their ‘branding,’ running the risk of not exposing the product in the most effective way.

‘Shopper Marketing:’ The Solution

The solution lies in ‘shopper marketing,’ an approach used by manufacturers and merchants together. Both parties start with the buyer and his/her buying path in order to find the most suitable way to present the product and place it within the consumer’s reach.

Therefore, manufacturers should not ignore the fact that the sales venue, the display shelf and the other products also form part of their packaging. Since all these elements involve the consumer in an experience, they should have a certain harmony and logic of presentation for the buyer. After all, the goal is for the product to stand out.

For some time now, supermarkets have been positioning themselves in that direction. It has not been an easy development and some chains have not gotten very far.

Nonetheless, little by little, retail concepts are being created around the consumers instead of the products.

Understand the Customer with Shopper Marketing

One tendency that has most influenced retail in recent years is the situation where stores are providing memorable buying experiences. In such cases, retailers are obligated to observe their business not just as a process of logistical product distribution from manufacturers, but as a unique sales service. The sales service itself provides value to each buyer.

It seems to be time for product manufacturers to study how the buying experience should be for their clients at the moment they get their products — not just how the product will be enjoyed once the packaging is removed.

Thinking about the buying path from the consumer’s point of view means trying to decide together with one’s distributor how the display will be set up. It also means occasionally keeping in mind all types of products that the competition will be sure to include.

The traditional distrust between manufacturers and sellers must be put aside in favor of creating more pleasant, more convenient buying experiences that are better adapted to the buyer. The end result is a more profitable experience for both parties.

The multiple roles that manufacturers play are starting to have an increasing impact on buying habits. They contribute to the process of perfecting the buying experience in our stores. As a result, when the buying experience is handled well, the store can be the most suitable place for sealing the deal.

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