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Benefits of an Optimization Consultancy for Supermarkets

There are already many regional or State supermarkets that choose to implement plans for improving their business through external optimization consulting services in sales, purchasing, logistics, services and profitability in general.

The main objective is to increase sales by generating more traffic out to the stores and attract them to the products we sell. In these consultancies you enter in detail by each branch of all store operations such as promotions, operational base staff, supervisors and managers, marketing sales, as well as the design of the same store.

The hiring of these services, basically always was before opening a business or new supermarket chain, but in today’s modern market, is already a key point have an external and neutral view of the situation of our stores every time. This, obviously, represents an additional cost, however the benefits in the short and long term should justify this expenditure.

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The implementation of new forms of operation for more profits and production in our supermarkets can be the difference between success or failure, since the consultancy will detect hundreds of opportunities for improvement in each of the departments that were audited.

Not only that, a consultancy in our supermarkets, can also contribute with the geographic location of future openings, as well as the placement of the products within it. A quality and experienced consultant should know exactly where to place products and about consumption behaviors which in many cases are seldom included.

For example, to supermarkets, often it is best to put the milk in the back corners of the shops knowing that it’s a product that almost everyone needs, which means that by placing it in this location, ensures that customers pass along with other merchandise or products and may also eventually buy them.

Several benefits for Supermarkets

Along with this, a supermarket consultant can help problems of staff turnover; understanding how and when are the peak times and do know the same personnel. He also understands the skills necessary to succeed between sales teams, especially because the skills needed for the cosmetics Department can be completely different to those that require Gourmet Delicatessen Department. At the time of hiring a consultant to our supermarkets, there are a number of things to consider, so it is advisable to take them into account.

First, it is necessary to ask for the results that have been obtained by the consultant that we initiate talks and of course, that you have a great experience and feedback will be essential. The existence of a title may or not be important, but the consultant must have a lot of knowledge and quantifiable results in various supermarket chains of similar to ours to be able to support your desire to work in our stores. The consultancy must also be capable enough to advise, design strategies, analyze as well as present a real general diagnosis of the chain on how to manage and improve the process of trade in any Department.

Above all, consulting must understand the problems that are associated with the administration of our supermarkets and how foreign aid is going to significantly improve all aspects of our business.

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