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Branding: 3 Essential Elements

Win over the hearts of your clients with your branding.

3 essential elements for improving your branding are: consistency, frequency and relevance. They are fundamental to product positioning.

Nowadays you hear a lot about product positioning, or branding. But what exactly is branding? Why is it important to your company? Digging further into the term, brand positioning implies that your trademark is the first thing consumers think about. They even feel better each time they have the desire or need for the product or service you offer. Your brand is also the first thing that comes to mind when one mentions the general category to which it belongs.

Different products and services today represent the hallmark of identity, etched in the heart and mind of the consumer.

Remember the days of the Old West. Cowboys branded their livestock with a distinctive seal made from burning iron in order to identify their cattle. In the same way, different products and services today represent the hallmark of identity, etched in the heart and mind of the consumer. These images are the sum total, both good and bad, of all the associations that come to mind when hearing the name of a product or service: Toyota, Chevrolet, Goya, La Costeña, Budweiser, Corona.

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Do you notice how your mind stores different experiences, images and events associated with each of these brands? And the very mention of every one of those trademarks makes you feel a certain way.

So, what does your brand represent today? If you are not as successful as you would like to be, is it because people are still not familiar enough with your brand? Or is it because people recognize your product or service, yet still prefer to buy from someone else? Before setting out to make your brand better known, be sure to be good—or rather, excellent—at what you do.

Once you feel prepared to put your brand out and invite the world to come and buy it, keep in mind three very important elements so that your brand occupies that first, primordial space in the heart and mind of the consumer.

1. Branding Consistency

Clearly define your message. Don’t deviate from it. What do you want the consumer to remember about your business or product? How does your brand stand out from the competition’s? Why must people buy from you instead of from anybody else? Dedicate enough time to develop your message. Once it is clearly defined, hold on to it. State it in different ways, but don’t become disheartened or change course. Be faithful to your message.

2. Branding Frequency

Your message will be far more effective if it constantly reaches the consumer. Day after day, repeat your message. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Do you remember something that happened only once in your life? Aside from extremely shocking experiences, it is very unlikely that you remember a one-time occurrence unless you’ve been continuously exposed to the message. Think about how many times you have been exposed to the message of brands like Coca-Cola, Herdez o Tecate. Likewise, compare it to your exposure of products like Bonadea or AguaBlue. Do you see the difference that frequency makes?

3. Emotional Relevance of Branding

Emotional relevance is the last and most important of the three elements that contribute to product placement. No matter how consistent your message is or how often it is repeated, it will not be successfully positioned in the mind of the consumer unless it is emotionally relevant.

Does some need or intrinsic desire exist in the consumer’s mind that can be satisfied by what you offer? For instance, you don’t sell toothpaste. You sell clean teeth and fresh breath. These are things that are a basic part of good personal presentation. They are even useful for a new job or for winning over a romantic interest. If your message is not emotionally relevant for the consumer, consistency and frequency will only irritate those who are exposed to it.

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