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3D Packaging Design Concepts

The world of packaging design is always in motion. With more and more designers packaging ready to convert your design into prototyping in three dimensions, flat drawings are about to become a thing of the past. The increase in design with 3D visualization has taken a new approach to the design of packaging, tool designers of today looking for to be able to deliver to the client a much closer to the final reality experience.
The limits of aesthetic when it comes to creating a product packaging have spread in recent times. The introduction of new technologies help the designer to give the message in a more assertive manner, and in less time. Previously, resorted to models (occasionally in materials that would not be that they will be applied in the final product) that they gave a close feeling, but nothing seems to be able to see transferred an idea that was born on paper to an object that I can almost touch and will be almost identical to that I will put on the shelf. But before going into detail about the advantages of working the packaging and design in 3D, we want to further define what we are talking about. When we hear the term “3D graphics” computer refers to works of graphic art that are created with the help of software and special programs that help create graphic objects modeling, considering the variables of height, width and depth.

3D Put to Work

Now use these technologies to create a 3D expands the understanding of space in a three-dimensional environment, and increase the amount of resources and possibilities that can be used when designing. 3D packaging offer, among other advantages, the experience of a virtual reality to be able to touch to detail planned design. In addition to these two major advantages, the fact that the product packaging can be placed in sight, then the customer will see your product until it is completed. So we can plan more accurately, analyze in detail information to include on each side of the gasket, if seals are located properly and if the shelf view will have sufficient impact. All this before you define design as final, allowing fewer changes, adjustments and errors. Look for professionals who give this alternative, viewing final 3D packaging design will be very useful for the success of your product.

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Faustino is the creative and graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in branding and packaging design. He has created and directed design projects for large chains such as Wal-Mart and Gigante of Mexico, among others. Currently he is implementing creative strategies for leading companies in the Hispanic market in the United States.

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