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GLACTION creates and executes Sales Programs in New York City for Grocery Manufacturers, Food Companies and International Fruit and Vegetable Growers and Traders.   Working one client at the time, our services include:   – Bottom up and Institutional Market Research   – Logistical and Strategic Business Plan Creation   – Distribution Arrangement   – Local Investment Partners Identification   – Local Supervision Management and Business Execution     GLACTION, LLC works as project consultant, under a retainer structure, or as a full broker representative.  Our deep knowledge and relationships with the Independent Supermarket, Bodegas, Trade Organizations and Distributors help Food Companies create successful bottom line Sales Program, minimize overhead costs, and expand sales footprint into the Largest Market in the United States: New York City.   We help companies looking to serve the US Hispanic market with strategies, business plans and execution (from initial market research, to corporate representation, to execution and local supervision).   We help entrepreneurs finding appropriate funding, as well as assisting corporate executive and developers navigate government regulations.
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